Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patty's Weekend - Lawnscaping Challenge (Inspired By)

Lawnscaping Challenge Entry #30 - Inspired By

The hubby and I have decided that we want to visit as many local fair grounds as we can and lately there have been quite a few in town. The kids love it for the rides and games and we enjoy all the awesome greasy foods. It's becoming a little family tradition for our bunch.

Our fair trips is total inspiration for this cotton candy card but the inspiration first came from a card I saw in the Lawn Fawn Flickr group. The card is by hilde1978 and here is a link to her awesomeness. I tweaked mine a little and so the outcome of the card is different, but, of course, this is what always happens, right!? You take an idea from someone who totally inspires you and make it your own. I love the outcome and I thank hilde1978 for the inspiration and idea. :)

Totally awesome stamps!!! :)

Here is another card I worked on thsi St. Patty's day weekend. My favorite all time book is Charlotte’s Web and as soon as the idea entered my brain I had to turn to my scrap area! Here is the outcome.


  1. wow, these are both fabulous! Love the paper piecing and layouts! :)

  2. Oh this is fantastic! The paper piecing is fantastic! Love the squiggly lines in the background on the first one! And the second one is fantastic! What a fun scene you created. Instantly made me smile! Thank you so much for playing along with us at Lawnscaping for our Inspiration Challenge!

  3. Wow, these cards are both so cute! The Charlotte's Web card makes me smile!

  4. These are both adorable! I think Chari did a Charlotte's Web Lawn Fawn card once too. You should check hers out. Great job on the challenge. Thanks so much for playing with us at Lawnscaping!

  5. Seriously these are awesome! I totally love the pattern paper pieced cotton candy, who knew argyle cotton candy would look so amazing! And Christiana is right I did make a Charlotte's web card awhile back, but I don't know that I had the award ribbon stamp at the time. Here is a link to my card.
    I think our cards should be friends! :)