Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Party Fun..

Moving along with little Miss Jaylyn's first birthday goodies :) After shopping around for various events, baby showers and birthdays, I know that what's out there, as far as decor goes, isn't very cute! Especially party hats...blah! Also, I want all the decorations to match and coordinate without having to settle for what the stores sell. This is why I chose to make everything; not to mention how much I enjoy making everything. I complain every step of the way, "omg, this is going to take forever" or "next time I'm buying stuff" but the final product makes it all worth my while. Sooooo here is one of the party hats for Jaylyn's birthday. This cute little crab one is for the boys. There will also be whales, squids, fish, and octopuses amongst other baby sea creatures. And, each hat has a hand made pom pom attached at the top. Soo cutie! Oh, in case you haven't already guessed, party theme is baby sea animals and the birthday girl is a baby mermaid. :))
kraft paper, party hat template (google it), cricut's create a critter cartridge, red dcwv cardstock, black dcwv cardstock, twine, cat's eyes chalk, glue dots, white yarn for pom pom

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